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Week 6 - The Jump Kick Drill Challenge

This week we are working on building skills to improve your jumping kicks! This series of exercises will work the joints and muscles as well as work on the quickness necessary for the kicks.

1. Warm up with stretching your hips and legs - see video from last week for a few reminders.

2. Continue to warm up with bouncing side to side staying on the balls of your feet, or jump roping.

3. Warm up your knees: Put one foot on a bench/chair/box and bounce on the ball of your supporting foot - front/back/side/side. Then bring the supporting leg up like you are kicking your butt with your heel in a quick motion - try to do this without pushing up with the foot on the bench. 5-6 repetitions. Now bring your knee to the front of you in a quick motion - again try not to use leg on the bench to push up. 5-6 repetitions. Do both sides.

4. Jumping practice:

A. Stand with your feet about hip width apart and bring both knees up in front to meet your hands at solar plex level. Drive up by tightening your core muscles and glutes, pushing your hips out and up. Be careful not to bring your shoulders rounded and down. 5-6 repetitions, rest about a minute, 5-6 repetitions.

B. Flying side kick motion - take 2 steps and jump - keep your legs tucked, work on picking up the bottom leg as well. 5-6 repetitions on each side. C. Kneel down, sitting on your feet. Using your core and glutes again, drive up and forward to land on your feet in a narrow horse stance. 3-5 repetitions. 5. Speed Drill: Holding on to a wall or heavy bag, bring your knee up to a roundhouse crane stance and do 1 or 2 practice extensions, then 10 FAST repetitions. Make sure to keep slight bend in your knee even as you extend. 6. Hip and oblique strength drills: A. Holding on to a wall or heavy bag, bring up your leg to a side thrust kick position - circle your leg in medium circles (use a target pad to go around) both forward and backward. Do on each leg. B. Go to side plank position on your elbow. Bring your top knee to your chest then extend to a side kick then drop to bottom leg. 10-15 repetitions on each side. Happy jump kick training!

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