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Week 8 - The Forms Challenge

This week's challenge is a perfect time for our forms. There is so much we can learn from our forms - balance, awareness of multiple attackers, turning and stances, precision with striking, fluid movement - they are a full body workout! Here is the challenge: do each form in the following ways:

1. Medium-Slow pace for memorization and understanding of what you are representing.

2. Medium pace for precise striking, stances, and power.

3. Medium pace in the lowest stances you can hold.

4. As fast as you can go - push yourself to go faster than you think you can.

5. Proper pace for the form, full power, low stances, sharp movements.

When you practice intentionally this way, you will get better at your movement! Get your notebook out and write in what forms you do each day, record your highest one and bring in to show to your instructor.

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